Revolution Triathlon Internazionale di Roma: the race track

Revolution Triathlon Internazionale di Roma is scheduled at the Tourist Port of Rome from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October 2019. Here is the race track preview of the Saturday’s main event: Middle Distance. A very fast route in a wonderful location. A 70.3 (half ironman) panoramic, suggestive and unique route at less then 30 minutes from the centre of Rome.


Swim race starts from the central beach of the Porto Turistico di Roma, exits from the port and swims just in front of it until the return after 1.9km. It’s time to wear shoes and bob and leave at full speed for the bike fraction. Very fast, first on the Ostia seafront, then towards to the Via del Mare. All developed on two laps that will limit (if not completely eliminate) the possibility of athletes dubbing. Leaving the port, the athletes will have to cover a first connecting stretch of about 8 km, parading along the Ostia seafront, and then going onto the Via del Mare. At the intersection with Ostia Antica the round-trip circuit begins on the Via del Mare which will lead the athletes in the direction of the city center of Rome until they almost reach the intersection with Viale Marconi. It is the turning point. Then returns and completes the first of the two scheduled laps at the intersection of Ostia Antica. At the passage of the second tour, go straight to the seafront to return directly to the Tourist Port of Rome, after covering about 90 km.

The Via del Mare is a long straight almost 20km straight. It will give athletes the opportunity to download all the watts and use the best aerodynamics made of helmets, lenticulars and chrono bikes. Once back in the exchange area, the last part of the race will be waiting for them, with the public ready to welcome the athletes and push them for the half marathon that separates them from the finish line. Change of shoes, via the helmet and immediately run between the “claws of the crab” of the Porto Turistico di Roma and again on the waterfront. A 7km circuit to be repeated three times, all completely flat and developed mostly in the Porto Turistico di Roma, with an external passage on the cycle path that runs along the sea. All in favor also of the spectators who will be able to see the athletes passing through each passage and inciting them until the passage on the Finish Line! Once the competition is over, the awards will be celebrated, with a Party that will entertain all athletes, staff and carers.